The cell and molecular biology of neurodegenerative disease

About the project

Together with our collaborators we analyse molecular changes associated with aging and degeneration in diseases of the motor and cognitive systems.  By characterising the molecular changes associated with neurodegeneration it may be possible to understand the precise mechanisms of the pathological changes occurring in these diseases.  Such understanding will inform the design in rational therapeutic interventions, and aid in the identification of valuable biomarkers specific for different phases of disease. Currently our main project focuses on ALS8, a rare inherited disorder that is caused by a mutation in a protein that appears to function in a range of fundamental cellular processes.


RS MacDonald Charitable Trust, MND Association


Graham LC, Eaton SL, Brunton PJ, Atrih A, Smith C, Lamont DJ, Gillingwater TH, Pennetta G, Skehel P, Wishart TM
Proteomic profiling of neuronal mitochondria reveals modulators of synaptic architecture
Mol Neurodegener. 2017 Oct 27;12(1):77
Gkogkas C, Wardrope C, Hannah M, Skehel P
The ALS8-associated mutant VAPB(P56S) is resistant to proteolysis in neurons
J Neurochem. 2011 Apr;117(2):286-94

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Principal Investigator

Other people involved

Mark Harmon (PhD student)

Brenda Murage (PhD student)

Dr Cornelia Roesl (Post-doctoral researcher)

Prof Tom Gillingwater University of Edinburgh

Dr Christos Gkogkas, University of Edinburgh

Prof Giles Hardingham, University of Edinburgh

Prof Karen Horsburgh, University of Edinburgh

Dr Mandy Jackson, University of Edinburgh

Prof Richard Ribchester, University of Edinburgh

Dr Tom Wishart, University of Edinburgh

Prof David Wyllie, University of Edinburgh