A close up of chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes on a blue polka dot table cloth at a bake sale raising funds for the Euan MacDonald Centre

Organise your own event

Organise your own event

We can help! Tools and advice to make your fundraising as straightforward, fun and financially successful as possible.

Considering fundraising for the Euan MacDonald Centre? That’s fantastic!

We’d be delighted to help promote your fundraising on our social media as well as provide you with the tools and advice you need to make fundraising as straightforward, fun and financially successful as possible.

Here’s a few ideas and information to help you get started.

Fundraising pack

Download a fundraising pack.

Our fundraising pack includes information about taking part in organised events, setting up your own events, and advice from our Community Fundraising Officer, Kerry Mackay.


JustGiving provides an easy way for people to donate online. It also helps you to track your total.

To set up your page, simply visit the Euan MacDonald Centre JustGiving page and click the 'Fundraise for Us' button to get started.

Your message

Remember to include text explaining that you are supporting the Euan MacDonald Centre and why. We will ensure that the money we receive through JustGiving will go directly to the Euan MacDonald Centre.

A personal message from you on your JustGiving page really encourages your friends and family to donate. To help you, you can download some wording about the Euan MacDonald Centre:

Download wording for JustGiving (Word)

Logo download and guidelines

Feel free to download our logo to use on your fundraising materials. Please do not alter the shape or colours, or use part of the logo by itself. If you require a different format, a high-resolution file for large formats, a white logo for use on dark backgrounds, or would like us to check your usage, please contact us.

Download Euan MacDonald Centre logo (JPG, 315KB)


Raffles, collections & events


For simple raffles at an event, charge a standard price for each ticket and draw the name of the winner before the end of your event.

If you plan to run your raffle or lottery over a longer period of time, or sell tickets at more than one venue, you will need to purchase a local lottery licence from your council.


If you are collecting money on private property such as a pub or supermarket, please contact Kerry Mackay and we will send you and the venue the necessary paperwork.

To collect funds in any public place, you will need a licence from your local council. Most councils have details of how to apply for a licence on their website. It can take up to two months before your receive your licence, so plan ahead!

Bear in mind that anyone collecting money in public must be over 16. Please always consider your personal security; when collecting money work in pairs and keep to well-lit and busy areas. Theatre collections, especially around Christmas time, are a popular idea.


When holding a large or public event contact your local council for any necessary permissions, licensing, trading standards, and health and safety issues including any current Covid-19 advice and legislation. Think about First Aid and fire safety (contact your local St John Ambulance and your local fire station for advice).

If your event is going to obstruct traffic, then you should let your local police service know