Pioneering vital research into motor neurone disease.

Uniting over 200 scientists and health professionals across Scotland.

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Research at the Euan MacDonald Centre is finding out new information about motor neurons, working towards new drug treatments and improving quality of life for people with MND.

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PhD recruitment round now open

Our PhD recruitment round for entry in September 2019 is now open. We offer fully funded PhDs in MND research across Scotland.

The deadline for applications is 7th January 2019.

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Events: International Symposium on MND

The MND Association 29th International symposium on MND will take place in Glasgow on 7-9 December 2018.

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About the Centre

The Euan MacDonald Centre is based at the University of Edinburgh and is a not-for-profit network of 200 researchers across Scotland. We use research to improve the lives of people living with motor neurone disease (MND) and related conditions.


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Discover the wonderful and inventive ways our fundraisers are using to help raise money for the Euan MacDonald Centre.

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