Hampton Award winners 2018: five people standing and smiling, next to a Euan MacDonald Centre banner

The Hampton Awards

The Hampton Awards

The Hampton Awards are made annually to Euan MacDonald Centre members who have gone 'above and beyond'.

About the awards

The Hampton Awards are made in memory of Noel Hampton, father of David who is one of our members.

They have been awarded nearly every year since 2014.

The winners are chosen by the Hampton family and awards presented at the Euan MacDonald Centre Academic Afternoon.

The awards (up to 3 equal prizes) are a small voucher for personal use.


The awards are for individuals who have gone ‘above and beyond’ in the last year. They are not for academic success. Examples are:

  •  someone who has overcome personal challenges

  • someone who has gone the extra mile in helping a colleague

  • someone who has put a lot of effort into an activity such as teaching or public engagement

Eligibility to receive an award and to make a nomination

All members of the Euan MacDonald Centre are eligible to be nominated or to make a nomination. This means anyone who is involved in MND research across Scotland, in any capacity.

How to submit a nomination

  • Nominations can be anonymous (i.e. your nominee will not find out who nominated them) or not, as you wish – please indicate in your nomination

  • Nominations should be one paragraph only – with no scientific jargon – explaining what the nominee has done to deserve the award

  • Please indicate the name of the nominee in a cover note, but ensure that the nomination paragraph doesn’t give away who the nominee is, so that it can be assessed blind

  • Nominations should be emailed to EMC_admin@ed.ac.uk


The 2024 competition is now closed.

Previous winners - congratulations to all!


  • The MND-SMART trial management team (Amy Stenson, Amarachi Ihenacho, Paolo Cucurachi, Lucy McLennan)
  • Vidya Ramesh


  • Anna Sanchez Avila
  • Nicole Hindley
  • Jessica Gill

[2022: no award made due to Covid pandemic]


  • Tanya van der Westhuizen
  • Nithya Nair

[2020: no award made due to Covid pandemic]


  • Jonathan Booth
  • Samantha Eaton
  • Jamie Rose


  • Bhuvaneish Selvaraj
  • Rachel Kline
  • Chris Henstridge
  • Gabrielle King

[2017 - no information available]


  • Laura Graham
  • Faith Davies
  • Eva Szunyogova


  • Judith Newton
  • Maica Llavero
  • Kosala Dissanayake


  • Matt Livesey
  • Abi Herrmann
  • Anna-Claire Devlin