Dr Alejandra Aranceta-Garza

headshot of Dr Alejandra Aranceta-Garza

Dr Alejandra Aranceta-Garza

Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering
Centre for Medical Engineering Technology, University of Dundee

Dr Alejandra Aranceta-Garza’s research focuses on the understanding of the mechanisms behind motor control and the neurophysiological involvement during abnormal movements, diseases or injuries, as well as using specialised tools to assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

Ale studied a PhD in Biomedical Engineering followed by post-doctoral research developing assistive medical technologies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Now at the University of Dundee, she specialises in developing tools and techniques to extract information about disease progression and prognosis (electrophysiological biomarkers), as well as being able to provide a quantitative assessment about quality of rehabilitation regimes.