Prof Seth Grant

headshot of Professor Seth Grant

Prof Seth Grant

Professor of Molecular Neuroscience
Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Seth Grant is Professor of Molecular Neuroscience at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences,University of Edinburgh. Prof. Grant is affiliated with Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain and UK Dementia Research Institute, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His research has made landmark contributions to our understanding of the neuroscience underlying learning, memory and behaviour, revealing how synapse dysfunction in the brain contributes to a wide range of developmental, neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders of great social and economic importance, including schizophrenia, autism, depression, addiction and intellectual disability. These studies in humans and in genetic models of disease have encompassed all scales of analysis, from molecular proteomics and transcriptomics to whole-brain networks and whole-animal behaviour.

Prof. Grant’s current research efforts in the field of synaptomics, which focus on the remarkable molecular diversity of synapses in the mammalian brain, are providing groundbreaking insights into the mechanisms of cognition, learning and memory throughout the lifecourse and the impacts of healthy aging and brain disorders. This seminal body of work has been recognised in prestigious national and international awards, most recently the 2019 IBANGS Distinguished Investigator Award and 2020 FENS European Journal of Neuroscience Award.