A researcher in a lab coat is sitting at a laboratory bench, talking through laboratory procedures with Euan Macdonald who is in his power-chair, Euan is engaging the researcher in conversation

Research case studies

Some of our research projects - explained.

Doctor and patient picture happily talking while patient holds an iPad and Doctor is pointing at the screen

MND Register

Why we have developed a national register of people with MND in Scotland.

A green and red high magnification microscope image of the junction between a motor neuron and a muscle

Spinal muscular atrophy gene therapy

There has been exciting progress towards developing gene therapies for SMA.

A SpeakUnique researcher is talking with a participant, who is wearing with headphones with a microphone piece. The researcher is describing the process for voice banking

SpeakUnique voicebank research

Creating personalised voices for use in communications aids, simply and efficiently.

A brain with brain activity mapped in different bright colours against a black background

The Edinburgh Cognitive ALS Screen

A tool to help healthcare professionals identify and understand changes in learning, memory and behaviour.

High magnification microscope image of brain cells growing in a dish in the lab, with different parts of the cells shown in different bright colours

Stem cells and MND 'in a dish'

Using stem cells we can grow motor neurons in the lab – ready and available for experiments.

A close up of a researcher holding up (wearing white gloves) and looking through a clear plastic aquarium with nine zebrafish swimming inside

Neuron regeneration in zebrafish

The tiny tropical zebrafish may hold vital information about how to repair neurodegeneration in MND.